2002 Gralyn Estate Cabernet

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Dear Friends,

Nothing really to say here - one of the world's more regalandexpensive examples of Cabernet at one-third the price. This isoneof Margaret River's toughest wines to find and the terroir speaksforitself. Many will compare this to Insignia but Ithink thestyle is much closer to Leoville Poyferre or a siblingestate. TheDucru Beaucaillou of Australia? Another deal of theyearcontender...(I'm keeping track of these so I'llleteveryone know how it shakes out at the end of December with a top fivelist -I track how fast the wine sells out and how many bottles over and abovearerequested - I have a feeling this will be right up there):

Tanzer's IWC (Josh Raynolds): " Dark red. Gorgeousbouquetof cassis, red cherry, tobacco, mocha, oak spices and minerals.Deeplyconcentrated flavors of redcurrant, cherry, licorice, vanilla andcuredtobacco are impressively juicy and deep, with a distinct mineral toneaddingnerve and focus. This has serious weight but also poise and elegance,likefirst-class St. Julien but with American oak accents and more power andfruitexpression. Should age and improve effortlessly for at least adecade.93pts"

For a wine that sells for a rather high price at the cellar door, this isapretty great opportunity to explore this region and what they do best-terroir specific Cabernet that has the potential to age.

If we run out, there are a dozen or so cases of this wine in SeattleandPortland at this price but that's it in the US.

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for serious quality at a moderate price

ONE SHIPMENT ONLY with perfect provenance directly from thesource:

2002 Gralyn Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Estate (IWC93)

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED up to 3/person until we run out

To order: niki@garagistewine.com

Please give us your maximum number up to 12 and we willallocateaccordingly

To order: niki@garagistewine.com

This wine arrives with impeccable provenance at some point in 2007. Outofstate orders will be held for free under ideal storage conditions(56degrees/70%humidity) until shipping is possible. Locals may pickupat their leisure.

For current local pick up and arrival/ship information, please see yourOARSlink below (at the bottom of this offer) - don't know how toaccessyour OARS? Simply click the link and see your account. Youcan alsopaste the link into your browser. If you are having troublewithyour link or your account, please contact: pat@garagistewine.com

THE WEB SITE WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED IN THE "ARRIVALS"SECTIONas all of the information will be personally stored in your OARSaccount.


Thank you,

Jon Rimmerman
Seattle, WA

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Re: 2002 Gralyn Estate Cabernet

Postby ChaseH » Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:39 am

Anyone opened this lately? I was thinking it might be a good choice to bring to a party this weekend, but recent notes keep pointing to very tight tannins. Too young?
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Re: 2002 Gralyn Estate Cabernet

Postby cbbrown3 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:25 am

I don't have the wine and have never tried it, but based on the professional reviews and Cellar Tracker notes, this sounds like it needs more time. Plus this sounds like it may be too serious of a wine to take to a party. Unless this is a dinner party with wine geeks where it might be perfectly fine if paired with a nice piece of juicy beef.

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Re: 2002 Gralyn Estate Cabernet

Postby Bert21 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:13 am

Wines...I think this expensive..I wanna try it but dont have enough money..

Good Day



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