2006 MAGMA ?R? Rosso COR

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EtnaDear Friends,I look forward to thisrelease every year even though the wines are aspolarizing as any weoffer. I continue to champion this causebecause I'mconcerned that if we don't, who will? Withthe continuedhomogenization of the wine industry, a producer like FrankCornelissen needsthe support of experimental consumers that appreciate hisendless hours ofhandmade toil even though the finished product is, to bepolite,controversial. The new releases fromFrank's eccentric world are upon us and onlyone thing can be said:wow. There is nothing that can describe thisset to the uninitiateddrinker expecting "wine" - I willdo my best via the typedword but the only way to experience this reclusivespirit of Mount Etna is totaste the finished product (sort of like describingPop Rocks to someone - youneed to try it to understand). Somehow, theCornelissen wines have become someof our most popular entries each fall and,in some strange way, they typifywhat Garagiste is all about: what few otherswould touch if they wish to stayafloat.We've offered the past three vintagesof Cornelissen and each isunique, unstable and oh so intriguing. I'm always afraideach will go the way of my 3rd grade parameciumjar but they never do (Isampled a 2002 last week and it was even better thanon firstrelease). Without anything added or taken away (nosulpher,preservatives or stabilizers) the world of Frank Cornelissen hasdrawn a linein the sand with the cool and the uncool - if you want to becool, I meanreally cool, you announce your affection forCornelissen'saffliction as an everyday wine of choice. Ifyou want to betruthful, you merely admit to having tried them - every winedrinker is allthe better for it. Love them or disdain them, Ibelieve you needthe experience to help complete a palate that is a lifetimework inprogress. Without the experience of Cornelissen, Musignyjusttastes like Musigny. With the experience as areference,Musigny tastes like something even grander than it alreadyis. For education's sake, my Ipresent the masterwork of FrankCornelissen - attempting to embrace every winedrinker in the world bypotentially alienating them one eccentric bottle at atime...Frank CornelissenContadino 4 (2006) -Weoffered this last year but many of you asked for a few more bottles sohereyou go (this is different than the 2007 Contadino 5 we offered a fewmonthsago). If Christmas cake could melt into a soil infested mold oflivingbacteria swimming in a murky mess of orange essence and sappy,cloudy,tobacco-tinged sarsaparilla, it would be this delicious treat cut fromtheactive hillsides of Mount Etna. While the above description maysoundhorrific, horror is in the eye of the beholder and I know many Gothsfrom myteen years that would find this not only tame but plebian. Anhomage to the natural "wine" movement and anexperienceto initiate one's palate to better understand the rest ofthe wineworld (see above referenced Musigny comment). The fact thatwe'vehad so many re-order requests for this is telling - abeverage unlike anythingelse. Cornelissen does not recommenddecanting - I do, for at least15 minutes. Keep in mind, naturalwine gobbles oxygen quickly andthis is best consumed on the firstevening.Frank Cornelissen Munjebel(Mongibello)
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Re: 2006 MAGMA ?R? Rosso COR

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Had the one bottle I purchased last Saturday, and it was outstanding. One of the most interesting and complex wines I've ever had. I never thought I would say that $140 was a reasonable price for a wine, but I would buy more if I could.

Color: almost transparent blackish purple, akin to blackberries. Reminded me of some great 1970 vintage ports I've had (Taylor and Fonseca), without the sweetness. So much going on in the nose and on the palate, I can't accurately describe it. Just magnificent. Rimmerman's descriptors were right on the money.
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