1989 PIBRAN Pauillac

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1989 BordeauxHolidaySpecial

Dear Friends,

This is one of our big holiday offers for 2008 and it's very deartomy heart (as most of the holiday offers over the years havebeen).It's a perfect parcel of aged Bordeaux that is almostimpossible tofind in this condition. I guess this would qualify asa deal of theyear candidate but we'll just call it aHoliday Special.

Those of you that have tasted with me know one of my favorite modernvintagesfor Bordeaux is 1989 - it has an old-school character with a ripe,masculinepersonality that was akin to half 1986/half 1982. It was also justbefore themodern techniques took over in the region - in a sense, 1989 wasthe last ofa dying breed. The vintage itself was no better thansay, 2000, butthe way they made wine in 1989 was different - it was stillcloser to the waywine was produced in 1975 or even in 1961. Today,Bordelaisetechniques mirror those in Napa (or in any of the modern regions oftheworld) and it can be argued that the grand elder-statesman of the wineworldhas lost some of its individuality because of it.

The 1989 Pibran (Pauillac) was a sensation from the moment the reviewswerereleased. This wine was never quite as impressive as the originalSucklingreview (95pts) but it has continued to gain in stature over the yearsand nowit is more than impressive like so many 1989s (it took almost 15 yearsfor itto come around and really only since 2006 - the wine remains one ofthehighest scoring bargain Bordeaux in the history of the Wine Spectator,stillto this date).
On the other hand, it was also never as low-brow as the original Parkerreview(87pts) - somewhere in the middle is accurate. If memoryserves,Suckling did a blind 1989 retrospective review 10 or 15 years afterthe factand he re-rated the Pibran at 92pts (with even better verbiage thanhisoriginal review) - I would say his second assessment is much closertoreality (more like 90-91pts in my book but my scale is more likeTanzerpre-2005). Keep in mind the involvement of Lynch-Bages withthe1989 Pibran - most of you know how successful the Cazes regime was in1989but almost all of their Medoc wines in the vintage (including the 1989LynchBages) have taken 15-20 years to come around (well-stored bottles of1989Lynch Bages are still closed). Regardless, this parcel of themini-legend1989 Pibran is directly from the Chateau cellar - it is inpristine conditionand it is less than $50.

For a top-level 1989 to sell for $49.83 at this point is reason enough totakethe plunge but the fact that it has never been to auction or traded backandforth like the vast majority of bottles you see at retail was thedeterminingfactor for me. Even most "mint"bottles atauction cannot be vouched for - they've been shippedback and forthat least 3-4 times from importer to retailer to consumer andfinally toauction house with potential exposure along the way.

The 750s of this parcel should be as good as it gets for the 1989 Pibran -inmagnum, this wine should last at peak for another 10-15 years withease.

A terrific opportunity on two formats of aged 1989 Bordeaux directly fromtheChateau cellar at the lowest margin I can muster.

Happy Holidays.

Wine Spectator (April/1992): "Graceful yet powerful, with a lovelyharmonyof berry, cassis and smoke flavors and well-knit, silky tannins. Oneof thebest values in the vintage. Best after 1997. 95pts"

Parker (April/1992): "This excellent Pauillac cru bourgeoishasturned in a strong effort in 1989. It is deep ruby/purple, with a finenoseof smoky new oak and ripe cassis fruit. In the mouth, it offerscopiousquantities of cassis fruit wrapped in plenty of new oak, low acidity,and afinish that is fat and mouthfilling. Drink it over the next 6-8 years.87pts"(I guess he was a little off in his drinking window!)

Here's the 1989 retrospective review from Suckling, which holdsthemost weight for me as the wine had been in bottle for at least a decade(thiswas penned 5-8 years ago if I remember): "This is hard tobelieve,but it's real. Big, young wine. Dark inky color. Intense aromasofblackberry, smoke and meat. Full-bodied and powerful, with loads ofvelvetytannins and a wonderful intensity of blackberry flavor.--1989 Bordeauxhorizontal.Best after 2004. 92pts"

ONE SHIPMENT ONLY with perfect provenance:

1989 Chateau Pibran (Pauillac) - (WS95)(WA87)

1989 Chateau Pibran (Pauillac) 1.5lt - (VERY RAREinthis format)
(yes, this is 3-times the cost but I wasn't going to say no-it's still less than 2-times what 750s normally sellfor)

Please give us your maximum number up to 12 x 750ml and 3 x 1.5lt/person andwewill allocate accordingly

To order: niki@garagistewine.com

Both arrive with impeccable provenance in early 2009. They will shipduringthe first available shipping window (weather permitting).

Out of state orders will be held for free under ideal storage conditions(56degrees/70%humidity) until shipping is possible. Locals may pickupat their leisure.

For current local pick up and arrival/ship information, please see yourOARSlink below (at the bottom of this offer) - don't know how toaccessyour OARS? Simply click the link and see your account. Youcan alsopaste the link into your browser. If you are having troublewithyour link or your account, please contact: support@garagistewine.com


Thank you,

Jon Rimmerman
Seattle, WA

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Re: 1989 PIBRAN Pauillac

Postby fcsmith » Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:53 am

Is there an update on this offer? It mentions that the wine should arrive in early 2009, but it doesn't appear that it has. Thanks.
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Re: 1989 PIBRAN Pauillac

Postby TIm » Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:19 am

This wine will never arrive, the distributor had mis-information on the availability. Because of this, no account was ever charged. Hope this helps.
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Re: 1989 PIBRAN Pauillac

Postby RobFrost » Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:32 am

Bummer! I was looking forward to this one. Guess I'll pull if off my "pending" list in CellarTracker. :(
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Re: 1989 PIBRAN Pauillac

Postby tarheel17 » Mon Sep 14, 2009 3:17 pm

Sure would have been nice for someone at Garagiste to tell us that the wine is a no go....?
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