2005 JUILLOT Mercurey Champs Martins

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2005 Red Burgundy

Dear Friends,

I'm up at 40,000 ft, the plane is trying to avoid a thunderstormand(as I clutch the armrest), wine came up in conversation with my neighborinthe seat to my left (he noticed my Riedel bag and one thing led to another-wine aficionados, it appears, are everywhere). He asked if Icouldrecommend an affordable 2005 Red Burgundy (surprise) and I didnothesitate. We sold the 2005 Bourgogne from Juillot last weekandjudging by how fast it sold out, the hunger for 2005's hasnotsubsided one iota. I am still somewhat taken with theinsatiableappetite the American audience has with the 2005 Red Burgundy winesbut weare certainly not alone in this quest -wine lovers around the world areonthe same mission and the wines are starting to become scarce.

Juillot makes this wine from one of the finest 1er parcels in Mercureyandthis wine was built to last. In 2005, when I find top-tier winesina higher price range I know the investment will look like a bargain afewyears from now as the 1er wines from a region like Mercurey will last aslongor longer than some of the finer 1er bottlings from the Coted'Orin a merely good to very good vintage. 2005 presentsone of thebest opportunities for discovering the areas of Mercurey, Givry andotherregions of Burgundy and this wine will shock many of you with itscompleteand regal personality (not to mention its grace and power). This isa wine you can have confidence in for complex enjoyment down theroad.I've tasted a large number of 2005's and thisremains oneof the better buys of the vintage in its class:

2005 Juillot Mercurey Champs Martins 1er (BH89-91) STRICT LIMIT 6/personuntil we runout
This is not Emile Juillot, this is Domaine Michel Juillot-
Burghound: "Reduction, cherry confit and blackberry aromasintroduceminerally and very finely detailed flavors that possess acompletely differenttexture and mouth feel than the Combins as here thefinish is linear, directand penetrating. By far the most elegant and refinedeffort to this point.2013+. 89-91pts. Outstanding! TopValue"

...oh yeah, we also have few bottles of this wine which a few of you maybeinterested in:

2005 Juillot Corton-Perrieres Grand Cru (BH90-92) EXTREMELYLIMITED
This is not Emile Juillot, this is Domaine Michel Juillot-
Burghound: "Corton-Perrières does not receive asmuchcredit as it should for being one of the most elegant and sophisticatedofthe Corton grands crus as it can be very fine as this exampledemonstratedamply with its high-toned and very pure red pinot fruit aromasthat displayevident minerality. The flavors are very fresh, detailed andpowerful and thehallmark minerality resurfaces on the focused and beautifullylong finish.This will require at least a decade to be at its best as thereare very firmand mouth coating tannins lurking beneath the baby fat.90-92pts"


To order either of the above: niki@garagistewine.com

Both arrive with impeccable provenance in 4-6 weeks. Out of state orderswillbe held for free under ideal storage conditions (56degrees/70%humidity)until shipping is possible. Locals may pick upat theirleisure.

First local pick up date: We will post to your OARSaccount

For current local pick up information, please see the OARS link inyourcurrent email offer just scroll down this page, click the link and seeyouraccount. You can also paste it in your browser. Ifyoudon't have the link, please contact us!


Thank you,

Jon Rimmerman
Seattle, WA

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Re: 2005 JUILLOT Mercurey Champs Martins

Postby Ned Hoey » Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:33 pm

I opened one these this past weekend. Definitely tight and not particularly forthcoming. Dark red fruits
on the nose and firm on the palate. So, in need of more time to soften and bloom. Not welcoming at the moment and whether it will become seductive and truly appealing is a question for the future.

If I had to guess I would figure this to be produced by conventional methods of farming and winemaking, I wasn't sensing the je ne sais quoi, the life and purity that often comes through from well executed organic low intervention wines.
Ned Hoey
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