2006 Rosso di Montalcino ROMITORIO

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Dear Friends,

The 2004 and 2006 Brunello vintages are the most anticipated one twopunchsince 1988 and 1990 - the barrel samples I've tried thus far(andwine in the bottle waiting to be released) tells a tale ofextra-ordinaryproportions (hyphen intentional). I wouldnot characterizeeither vintage as another 2001, both are different - 2004 ismore 1982 meets1988 with a dose of modernity and grit thrown in (i.e. veryexciting) and2006 is more 1990 vinified with 15 more years of worldlyexperience (alsovery exciting).

This limited Rosso is a serious prelude to the vintage. It is moreBrunellothan Rosso in scope and priced accordingly (you can look up the 2004and 2005prices). It combines a special parcel of Sangiovese Grosso destinedforBrunello but aged for less time in oak - it will give you a sneak peakintothe material in 2006 and a Brunello vintage that will have Italianwinelovers scrambling for the best wines.

Romitorio is Sandro Chia's pet project(www.castelloromitorio.com)in a similar vein to Silvia Imparato andMontevetrano. The wine straddles anice fence that allows them to speak theirmind and place without beingovertly new in style (also similar toMontevetrano). Since 1995,the winery has been on a role (see Suckling'sogling over the 1997Riserva) and they tend to age very well - the 2006 shouldbe nodifferent. All bottles are adorned with Chia'soriginalartwork and they are somewhat collectable in their ownright. Thiswine has become very difficult to find, even more sothanRomitorio's Brunello, as it is priced approximately 1/2 to 1/3ofthe Brunello and the quality is inching up on the big brother - especiallyin2006.

All good things must come to an end and this is one of the last1.26Euro/Dollar treats we'll have (the Euro closed at 1.45 today - ugh) -theprice disparity between what this should cost and what it coststonightsimply due to a gamble with currency forwards is pushing $10.

A gorgeous wine that is an alternative to Chianti Classico Riserva,Brunelloor even Bordeaux.

ONE SHIPMENT ONLY at this price directly from the source:

2006 Castello di Romitorio Rosso diMontalcino-

Please give us your maximum number up to 12/person and we willallocateaccordingly

To order: niki@garagistewine.com

This wine arrives with impeccable provenance at some point in early 2009.Itwill ship during the first available shipping window (weatherpermitting).

Out of state orders will be held for free under ideal storage conditions(56degrees/70%humidity) until shipping is possible. Locals may pickupat their leisure.

For current local pick up and arrival/ship information, please see yourOARSlink below (at the bottom of this offer) - don't know how toaccessyour OARS? Simply click the link and see your account. Youcan alsopaste the link into your browser. If you are having troublewithyour link or your account, please contact:support@garagistewine.com


Thank you,

Jon Rimmerman
Seattle, WA

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Re: 2006 Rosso di Montalcino ROMITORIO

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One of the biggest disappointments yet... I really hope their Brunello shows better than this. I guess I'll find out in 10 years. :-\ Good thing these have pretty labels. That may be the most interesting thing about them.

  • 2006 Castello Romitorio Rosso di Montalcino - Italy, Tuscany, Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino (8/3/2009)
    In glass an hour. The nose is rather large in scale, and smells almost new-worldy, with quite a bit of vanillin oak, some clove, and dark berry soup. There's some slight graphite note that brings home the Tuscan Sangiovese. Creamy mouth feel, again tasting of oak, butter, and artificilally flavored blackberries. Finish is finally a bit more interesting, showing some chili flake, grape flavored nerd candy, vanilla, and mild, integrated tannins. A HUGE let down, as I was under the impression this was a traditional producer. If you told me this came from Washington state I'd believe you. I normally don't ding a wine for lack of tipicity, but that's probably coming into play here, as I was in the mood for a nice rustic Rosso di Montalcino, and not this. Hope their Brunello I have is better... (83 pts.)

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