2005 Galardi Terra di Lavoro

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Re: 2005 Galardi Terra di Lavoro

Postby dbp » Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:53 pm

With the $40 offer coming through yesterday, I had to pop one of mine (that I paid $89 for) to see if a re-buy was worth while. I did go in for just 3 more... I figure I already have way too much of the 2006's on order, which will hopefully turn out to be a better bet.

  • 2005 Fattoria Galardi Terra di Lavoro Roccamonfina IGT - Italy, Campania, Roccamonfina IGT (9/17/2009)
    Opened one of these for research sake. Impenetrable color for a 13% wine. Poured a couple of glasses to consume over the night. Wine was very tight at first, and has opened up a bit. The first glass was poured two and a half hours ago. Nose shows plenty of volcanic ash, yellow green beans, some graphite, and an old dank chalk eraser, full of chalk. Mid-palate is immediately covered in drying tannins, showing some flavors of dried redwood pine cone, some green veggies, and kiwi skin (but NO kiwi fruit center). Going on three hours in glass the mid-palate also developed some deep dark fruit. Finish bites hard with tannins and rock hard structure. This isn't showing very much in the way of complexity right now, but it does feel incredibly wound up and ready to spew forth in the years to come.

    This gradually began developing more flavors on the palate the longer it was open. After 4 hours I began getting a rubber tire on the palate and finish. Going on hour 6 the finish began getting more flavors, but they were of the astringent sort.

    I put a cork in this over night and poured a full glass at 1pm the next day and let it sit until 8pm. Currently this is drinking at its best. Nose is very similar to noted above, if a bit more opened up and full, and none of the vegitalness anymore. Mid-palate is also a bit more resolved and not quite as stinging with the tannins, though they're certainly heavy still. Quite nice on the palate now, showing rich dark fruits, coffee grinds, tea, and mixed dried herbs. Still very tight on the finish, but it does open up after a few seconds down the gullet, expressing some minerality, tea, and the dried herbs. Overall this is still quite tight... I doubt this will open up to be anything mind blowing, but with 7-10 years it could be quite pretty and resolved (93-94 is I think its potential). (91 pts.)
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