2000 VIGNAIOLI Marcarini

Postby Garagiste » Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:39 am

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Dear Friends,

I had this wine on Friday night and it is so seductive and complex - itisdrinking really well right now. Everyone at the table was in agreementthatit was the top wine of the night (we also had a horizontalofSottimano's 1999's and Giacosa's regular1999Santo Stefano bottling - in other words, the Vignaiolishowedbrilliantly). I set out to find a stash for all of youthismorning, but I didn't expect to find one of the bestdealsI've seen on cellar-aged Barbaresco in a while. Maybeit's because we bought so many of the 1996 magnums last weekbut,with the state of the Euro, it's an absolute steal inthemarket.

This is the top cru from the winery and by far the hardest to find - it isprobablythe best wine they've ever made from this site (for somereason,this bottling is always miles better than the Castellizzano and Nervobut itsrelative scarcity makes it hard for us to find in any significantquantity).With more impact and extract than normal (from the 2000 vintage),this winewas initially ignored in the US on release due to the Wine Advocatereviewfrom 2003 (an 88pt rating - if you actually read the verbiage insteadof justlooking at the score it sounds pretty darn good to me). The keytoThomases' review was the open-ended "could welladjustitself with time" but most consumers only look at theoriginalscore and do not care to revisit an 88pt wine - that is a big mistakewiththe Vignaioli. When the Wine Spectator tasted it (after only a fewmoremonths in bottle), they gave it one of the highest ratings of the vintageanda Top 100 designation, which caused to disappear from the market. Atthispoint, five years later, this has to represent one of the greatest buysinsingle vineyard Barbaresco from the vintage. To say it has turned out wellisan understatement. Despite the original use of 20% new wood,theend-result has aged into something that most of you will find tobecaptivating and supremely delicious. Due to limited quantities,that'sall I will say:

Wine Advocate (Daniel Thomases): "The 2000 Barbaresco Marcarini,amedium garnet with an interesting nose of leather, rose petals, andfennel,is rather concentrated and long for a Barbaresco from Treiso. It issolid,with a substantial extract, but a slight roughness on the finishprevents thescore from going higher, and this could well adjust itself withtime.Anticipated maturity: 2005-2015. 88pts"

Wine Spectator: "A big wine, with fascinating aromas ofblacklicorice, berry and toasted oak. Full-bodied, with loads of ripe fruitandvelvety, fruit-coated tannins. Long finish. Easily the best wine fromthisproducer this year due to the richness and balance. Best after 2008.93pts/Top100"

This parcel is close to half price - it is directly from the winery cellarandhas been stored under perfect conditions. This is all they haveatthe winery - we can't get another shipment.

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a top price/value choice in a category thathasbecome increasingly out of reach for many consumers:

2000 Cantina Vignaioli Barbaresco "Marcarini"(ElvioPertinace) - (WA88)(WS93/Top100)

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED up to 12/person until we run out - we cannotallocatemore than 12 to a single individual.

To order: niki@garagistewine.com

This wine arrives with impeccable provenance this summer. Itwillship during the first available shipping window (weatherpermitting).

Out of state orders will be held for free under ideal storage conditions(56degrees/70%humidity) until shipping is possible. Locals may pickupat their leisure.

For current local pick up and arrival/ship information, please see yourOARSlink below (at the bottom of this offer) - don't know how toaccessyour OARS? Simply click the link and see your account. Youcan alsopaste the link into your browser. If you are having troublewithyour link or your account, please contact:support@garagistewine.com


Thank you,

Jon Rimmerman
Seattle, WA

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Re: 2000 VIGNAIOLI Marcarini

Postby guitarguy » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:43 pm

I was extremely disappointed by this wine. 2 of my 6 bottles were corked and the corks on the others were seriously pushed. streaked, stained, etc. The wine in the 4 good bottles was okay, but only one of the six seemed to have the stuffing I expect from Garagiste offers. At the end of my six, I feel like Pertinace had real problems with this bottling in '00.

Thankfully, Garagiste refunded the two TCA bad bottles. Kudos, you are one of the best in the nation at standing behind the wine you sell. It is why I keep purchasing from you, even when an occasional offering falls a bit short to my taste buds. Keep up the good work.
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Re: 2000 VIGNAIOLI Marcarini

Postby Lentini » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:06 am

Too bad on those bottles. My several bottles were in good shape (and tasted excellent), so I wonder if your cork/staining issues were shipping related. Glad that Garagiste stands behind their sales.
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Re: 2000 VIGNAIOLI Marcarini

Postby cweller » Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:16 am

I was one of the lucky ones. The cork was only very slightly pushed in and was wet no more than a quarter of the way up. It was a fine bottle of wine but didn't change after two hours. If anything the nose was a bit more complex before decanting.
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