2007 FUNAMBULE Mas Pouperas

Postby Garagiste » Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:39 am

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Re: 2007 FUNAMBULE Mas Pouperas

Postby henjef » Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:21 am

Popped this open last night and poured through my Venturi. Served it with short ribs. According to Jon, this is a blend of 60-70% Syrah and the remainder Grenache, and teeters on a point between Northern Rhone Syrah and Southern Rhone Grenache. I found this wine to be teetering on whether it might become Aussie Shiraz blueberry jam or not, but fortunately stops short. The wine is clean and very well-made; the color is a very dark purple. Blueberry is the prominent fruit characteristic, both to the nose (Jon referred to it as "perfumed fruit that is marvelous to smell,"and he is right) and in the mouth. It has just enough grippy tannin and acid to keep the fruit in balance--all in all, a very enjoyable wine--and I had the purple-stained teeth to prove it! And for $18.99, a bargain. Poured the remainder in a 375ml bottle and will revisit tonight.
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