2006 RIBERACH Synthese

Re: 2006 RIBERACH Synthese

Postby egath » Tue May 24, 2011 8:02 pm

Just popped my last of 4 bottles, mainly as an experiment to see what was what, how it had evolved, and just to get rid of it. First two bottles were truly horrible, third was just bad, and this one was [not] amazing, but very very decent. Frankly, I had brought a backup bottle from the cellar because this was definitely plonk before. But no!!! Was it the bottle, the years, luck, ... ??? Whatever, there was still that odd nose of burnt rubber, but this time it was more like burnt purple rubber. There was fruit in it!! Purple fruit. The flavors were initially muted, but not swampy, just bleh, but not in a bad (or good) way, just, well OK. Two hours later, the nose went gamey (Pinotage-like) but with a slight medicinal note. The flavors were spiky: hot, tart, red, tart, (did I say tart?), sharp, ... short. But a clean finish. Went very very well with a beef roast and fried rice dinner. After the first three though, I was shocked, in a good way.
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Re: 2006 RIBERACH Synthese

Postby johnsamu » Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:50 pm

Mostly Grenache, but with 7,5% of both Syrah and Carignan. The other reds see little wood (mostly big casks and used wood) but this is completely in tank. It is also the most alcoholic of the wines at 14,5% abv. And it is mostly a grape I usually don't really care for. Yet the fruit never seems over-ripe despite the high alcohol - and, indeed, the alcohol doesn't come through -, and it is such a bright, pure, clean and refreshing example of the grape that I do like it. Lovely tannins. Having mostly seen soft, plump wines from the South I was amazed at the focus and precision of this wine.
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