2004 DEVEZE 66

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Mas Bargain

Dear Friends,

This was just confirmed and it's one of the better deals oftheseason. We offered these a few years ago (at far higher prices) and ashasbeen the case lately, the economy dictates that the source cannot sitonstocks of wine without a home - that's where you come in.

Both of these are crazy deals at this price structure, far less thandiscountretail.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED up to 12/person each wine until we run out

This parcel is directly from the source with perfect provenance

2004 Mas de la Deveze Cotes du Roussillon "66"-(WA89)
The youthful vigor has melted away on this wine but it's now atalaughable price:

Wine Advocate (David Schildknecht): " (no notegiven).89pts"

2004 Mas de la Deveze Cotes du Roussillon Villages (ViellesVignes)-(WA91)
This wine is just a great buy - if you enjoy CdP and Priorat, you shouldtrythis:

Wine Advocate (David Schildknecht): " The Deveze 2004 CotesduRoussillon Villages (with some Carignan in the blend) smells ofblackberryand blueberry concentrate laced with lavender and baked in piecrust. Rich infruit as well as meat and herb broth intensity on the palate,it evincesrefined tannins and an undeniable stone-licking sensation as itexpandsimpressively to mount a finishing surge of fruit, herb and mineralmatter.91pts"

To order: niki@garagistewine.com

All have arrived - they will be available for local pick up in 2-3 weeksandwill ship this season (late) during the first available shippingwindow(weather permitting).

Out of state orders will be held for free under ideal storage conditions(56degrees/70%humidity) until shipping is possible. Locals may pickupat their leisure.

For current local pick up and arrival/ship information, please see yourOARSlink below (at the bottom of this offer) - don't know how toaccessyour OARS? Simply click the link and see your account. Youcan alsopaste the link into your browser. If you are having troublewithyour link or your account, please contact:support@garagistewine.com


Thank you,

Jon Rimmerman
Seattle, WA

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Re: 2004 DEVEZE 66

Postby Vindicator » Mon Sep 21, 2009 6:42 pm

I'm really enjoying the 2004 Deveze 66 (regular cuvee, not the vv). I had it Saturday night, then put away half the bottle, re-corked in the cellar, other half tonight on Monday.

This will be somewhat polarizing, but I love it. Dark, very mourvedre-ish (reductive?), smoky, in many ways reminds me of the Estecillo VV. Strong fruit, but no spoof. Wish I had more. Wish I could try with some age to see what happens. For the price, fabulous.
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