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Postby RobFrost » Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:16 pm

Original offer letter:

Dear Friends,

This magnum of Barolo is cheap – I mean really cheap. It’s from a vintage that has been mostly ignored by US consumers for fear that the 2003 growing season was like Frankenstein or something that should not be touched, consumed or (even worse) aged. There is great misinformation about this vintage but US consumers have decided to ignore the year entirely and that brings an absurd opportunity.

Oddero produces this old-school and traditional example with vintage expression in mind (it is not a lesser wine or generic Barolo culled from inferior stock – it is from the same material as their single-site wines). It is an amalgam of the Rocche and Monduca sites (with a small amount of Vigna Rionda) that is Oddero’s homage to the growing season versus the single vineyard bottlings that they also produce. In a vintage like 2003, it can be strongly argued that many Barolo producers made their best wine from blended material that took advantage of various plots rather than one. The vintage was too cumbersome to rely on individual site bottlings as some vineyards were far more baked than others and many of the single-vineyard bottlings are disappointing. By blending from their best parcels (thus a “Barolo” designation with no vineyard noted), Oddero was able to pick the most representative material and mix it into one expressive bottle – they were not trying to make a 2001 or 2004 – they were trying to make a representative expression of 2003 (they also chose to produce their single-site wines in 2003 but that was a mistake in my opinion).

With that said, Oddero’s 2003 Barolo has a serious presence and it will last for many years – it is a “classic” 2003 (i.e. atypical for Barolo) with earth, leather and dried raisin character that is not covered with oak of any kind. In some way, it combines the ripasso qualities of the Veneto with the cerebral notes of Piedmont in an austere but very dry package. It may not have the elegance and rosewater normally associated with La Morra but it is certainly worth placing in the back of the cellar for 6-8 years to see if something intriguing emerges (especially if you are interested in all things Italian, specifically the Valtellina’s Sforzato or even older vintages of Bertani).

Without a 90pt rating or barely any reviews for that matter, the winery had to move on and you are the beneficiary. If you can enjoy this for what it is and not for what it should be (2003 Bordeaux anyone?), it’s a very interesting wine that I am certain many of you will find unusual (in a good way).

In sum, this is the lowest price I’ve seen on a large format of Barolo since the late 1990s. It may not be typical but it is not one for the drain either - quite the contrary.

ONE SHIPMENT ONLY at this price directly from the source with impeccable provenance:

2003 Oddero Barolo (La Morra) 1.5lt - $39.99
(compare at $100-120+ for a 1.5lt - this wine is normally priced just under the Vigna Rionda or Bussia Soprano it is not priced at the generic Barolo level)

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED up to 12 magnums/person until we run out
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