2004 BILLI BILLI Shiraz Langi

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Billi Billi

Dear Friends,

We receive more calls/emails about the Billi Billi series than any otherwineand while it's almost 10:00pm on a Wednesday night, this justcameto fruition so here goes...

One of the finest cool-climate Shiraz bargains is back, this time with agreatvintage that will make enthusiasts of this wine jump up and down.

2004 is considered by many long-time observers of Victoria and theGrampiansin particular (where Mount Langi is based) to be one of the finestvintagesin the last half century. Already rated a perfect 10/10 byJamesHalliday, the vintage will not go unnoticed in the US. Waituntilyou taste the 2004 Mount Langi Ghiran "Blue Label"Shiraz(the big boy) - while up in price, you get what you pay for and thewine isalready a contender for "wine of the year" by morethan afew passing palates Down Under. Until it is released later inthefall (and if you don't want to spend money), there'sthisamazing little bargain treat from the same vintage...

We've offered the Billi Billi Shiraz for the past 3-4 years andeachtime it has been one of the most popular wines of the season. It isdifferent in each vintage, not produced to a formula and often labeledas"the Burgundy drinker's Shiraz"or"thinking man's bargain Shiraz" and the2004will do nothing to dispel that. As one ofAustralia'sproudest cool-climate pioneers, Trevor Mast and hiswunderkind Dan Bucklehave been adamant about the Billi Billi over-deliveringwith its feminine andgraceful style and in 2004 it's almost toogood (think of this asan 2005 village offering from Mugnier for a low costand you will get what Imean). The raw materials were just too goodin 2004 in theGrampians and there was really nothing to use in a bargain winelike BilliBilli - they did it anyway.

Praised by nearly every retailer, critic and wine drinkerI'vetalked to in Oz as one of the best well-priced wines on themarket, this isabout as close to a "can't miss"wine as thereis from Australia or anywhere else. If you are ananti-Shirazenthusiast, this wine is a very good reason to bring your palateback foranother try. It is educational and enlightening and a reason whyShirazcannot be characterized simply by its over-ripe, cough-syrup SouthAustralianbrethren. This wine is so far from the same beverage asproduced bythe vast majority of SA Shiraz producers that it almost qualifiesto use thelabel Syrah instead of Shiraz. Medium bodied, silky andmore akinto a Chambolle with Syrah undertones of white pepper and cardamomthanShiraz, this is a beautiful wine in every respect. The acidsarenatural and so is the framework of this wine with red fruits and lightearthtones that spill from the glass and a finish that leaves yourefreshedinstead of felling like you were hit by a sledgehammer.

Due to the wine's popularity in Australia I could not get verymuchof the 2004 - I tried to obtain a larger allocation butit'sbasically gone at this stage so I won't complain (atleast we havesome).

A wine that serves as another reminder of the traditional importance of oneofAustralia's few world-class wineries - Mount LangiGhiran.

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for incredible price/value, reflection of atimelessvintage and attention to detail

ONE SHIPMENT ONLY (we cannot get more of the 2004)

2004 Mount Langi Ghiran Shiraz"BilliBilli"

Please give us your maximum number up to 12 and we will allocateaccordingly

To order: niki@garagistewine.com

This wine arrives with impeccable provenance at some point in 2007. Outofstate orders will be held for free under ideal storage conditions(56degrees/70%humidity) until shipping is possible. Locals may pickupat their leisure.

First local pick up date: We will post to our web siteuponarrival

For current local pick up information, please seeour"Arrivals" link on the new Garagiste web site (youwillneed to log in first before you can view the link):www.garagistewine.com


Thank you,

Jon Rimmerman
Seattle, WA

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Re: 2004 BILLI BILLI Shiraz Langi

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not from about a month ago

Very Good - 85
very ripe fruit out of the gate, but on the second day it really mellows into quite a good drink...lots of berry pie on the nose...fruit continues on the palate, but is balanced by a nice acid backbone
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