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Postby Ken Schramm » Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:28 pm

Once again, I’ve scrapped this evening's offer in favor of this -
it’s far more pressing.

I received an email this afternoon from one of my esteemed colleagues
in France with more experience than you and I combined in Bordeaux and
his passionate note did not need translation: “2009 Le Pre de la
Lande - magnifique!”. I pressed further and it turns out an
extensive tasting was organized a few nights ago of 2009 Bordeaux
samples (most in the $30-50 range) and the 2009 Le Pre de la Lande
came in #1. I knew this wine was good but it appears that it may be
even better than I originally thought and the word is now out –
especially with the influential sommelier circuit. My colleague
believes it is one of only a handful of 2009 bargain wines with that
extra-special magic to propel it to a much higher category. I pressed
him for a review and he rated the wine between 18.5-19.0pts (out of 20
– which is saying a lot, a whole lot for $xx.xx).

Without haste, I exercised my option on the second half of our
allocation (the first portion sold out quickly in early March) and I'm
offering it to you at the same first tranche price (the lower Euro
makes the second tranche basically the same as the first tranche).

Therefore, if you have any interest in this wine, please let Niki know
at your earliest convenience (for background information on this wine,
please see the original offer below).

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and an even better value at $xx.xx than I
originally predicted.

(original offer)

....For the wine salesman,
2009 is a dream – you can take the wines out, open them and most
will reach for their check-book without care as to how long the wines
will age...but what about true character? The type of character most
of us look for when we look to Bordeaux? Palate staining is fine but
it also must have a sense of place and cool-toned character that sets
Bordeaux apart?

And that’s where Le Pré de la Lande comes in.

In a vintage of big and rich wines, they made a behemoth of style
grace and “coolness” without any motive or recipe, without any
need for corporate profit structures or LVMH dividends as the impetus.
In 2009, Le Pré de la Lande made one of the finest wines of the
vintage (at this price-point anyway). Yes, you can post that to your
blog sites.

From the emerging district of Sainte-Foy (between St. Emilion and
Bergerac), this is $XX Verne Troyer-as-Cheval-Blanc territory (the
wines are a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot) with bizarrely low
yields of 29 hl/ha in the vintage (most are around 40-45 and can be as
high as 53hl/ha for Bordeaux Superior). In other words, this is a 2009
with substance – serious substance – all grown with biodynamic
principles and naturally made.

Le Pré de la Lande’s 2009 is a special example. It is deep purple,
inky and staining but it is also true Bordeaux - it has been since the
first bubbling cauldron (my friend in France has tasted it 3-4 times
already and each time it was the finest wine of the tasting, including
dozens of other of 2009 Bordeaux across a wide variety of prices).With
a nose of pure black currants and spice that swirls and punches back,
the palate follows with a thick and rich presence awash in plums and
pure grape extractive mixed with a myriad of minerals and stone. The
acidity remains bright and harmonious with a distinct “Loire Cot”
essence (if Loire wine could be this deep-toned). The finish is
granular and textural – you get the sense that this wine is almost a
food masquerading as liquid. No oak anywhere in sight – only pure,
unadulterated, biodynamical grown, vinified and bottled wine of the
highest order. I’m assured that the wine will “calm down” in a
year or so but I’m just fine with its grandiose 2009 presence.

Did I say it was $xx.xx?

That about sums it up.

All challengers, meet the 2009 Le Pré de la Lande – you’re going
to have a tough time knocking it down from the mountain.

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a sensibly priced 2009 that gives a
terrific introduction to the vintage and to what biodynamic/organic
viticulture can do in Bordeaux.

This parcel is directly from the winery cellar (if it means anything,
they are completely sold out of their 2009 already and it’s only
March 11th – the en-premier tastings haven't even occurred yet)


For all of Jon's inky comments on the color, this wine is not a paint can by any stretch of the imagination. The bottom of the glass has some ruby but clear hues. It is a wonderfully not-over-sized Bordeaux, light on its feet, but the absence of oak that Jon mentioned is not completely in evidence. There is oaky spice, but in harmony with the rest of the elements. The nose is attractive but not eye popping - there is real spice - dried ginger in particular, earth, blackberries, black raspberries and some classic Bordeaux complexity - even a faint but not numbing note of brett. And plenty of grape.

This is ready, willing and able. Jon's comment from the offer last February on "calming down in a year or so" appears to be spot on. A complete joy at this price point, and also as a reminder that just because it's Bordeaux doesn't mean it will drag you into a ditch and beat you with a white oak club. I wish I had bought a case. Perfect with pizza or burgers.

You want big, this ain't for you. And it's not going to go deep in a line-up full of Chateauneufs or Calis. But this is how Garagiste hits doubles up the gap.

Ken Schramm
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Re: 2009 Le Pre de la Lande

Postby Martha11 » Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:29 am

Yes I am!!
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Re: 2009 Le Pre de la Lande

Postby Mike15 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:29 am

Happy new year everybody :)
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Re: 2009 Le Pre de la Lande

Postby michelle22 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:28 am

Happy new year 2012!
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Re: 2009 Le Pre de la Lande

Postby sims82 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:26 pm

I have only tried Le Pre de la Lande once and i don't really like it, does any one here like it and whats your thoughts on it.

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