A Bottle of Wine the Ideal Temperature

A Bottle of Wine the Ideal Temperature

Postby Matcarnold » Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:46 pm

A bottle of wine in my cellar the ideal temperature of 10 º C to 13 ° C, but there are steps both sides of this are quite safe. In fact, provided that the wines do not freeze, do not occur until the temperature drops somewhat below 0 ° C (alcohol acts as antifreeze), then it is safe enough for temperatures to drop below the ideal. The worst that could happen is that some wines are not cold stabilized to throw a small deposit of tartrate crystals are harmless, but in a real impact. It is worth remembering, however, that a purpose of aging the wine in a way that develops over time, maturing gracefully into something more complex and interesting than the wine in its youth. Lower temperatures inhibit this process, which means you have to wait longer to enjoy the wines, even at its peak. Just over 13 ° C is also quite safe, and I would be happy with wines stored in the medium term at temperatures up to about 15 ° C. This does not ruin the wine at all, but as you can expect warmer temperatures can accelerate the aging process.

The acceleration can mature the wine seems desirable, as you will be drinking the wines at their peak earlier than might otherwise be. I am sure, however, that the wines age more slowly, at 10 º C to 13 ° C, more complexity. I do not recommend trying to speed up the aging process, with slightly warmer temperatures. With even higher temperatures, up to 18 ° C, many wines will still survive, although these temperatures is not recommended for storage in the medium term (although this is a typical temperature in many wine shops and even off-specialized) . The wines are set to undergo an aromatic white wines and champagne, both are likely to lose some of their freshness and character. Any older, more delicate wines also suffer in these conditions. Temperatures above the layer type, at 20 º C and higher, faster sound death knell for most wines. As a general rule, the higher the temperature the less exposure is needed to kill the wine. Just a brief exposure can be 30 º C temperature damage wine.

There are more bottles in my wine cellarTemperature fluctuation of his main concerns. The constant change of temperature was living next to a bottle of wine in the stove or radiator results relentless expansion and contraction of the wine. You could expand the amount equal to filter all the cork. As the wine contracts to draw air into the wine will deteriorate quickly, taking cooked flavors and oxidation. In the cellar, fluctuations over a period of hours (as might happen if the boiler house or basement hot water pipes) quickly damage the wine in the same way. Changes may occur during the day (alternating warm days and cool nights) can be just as unhealthy. There are fluctuations during the year (cooler in winter, less in summer), in my opinion on any result, provided that there is a sharp rise in temperature is too high, because the change is too gradual to have significant effects on wine.
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Re: A Bottle of Wine the Ideal Temperature

Postby micpip » Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:02 am

The most important variable from what I have read and from my experience of cellaring wines for 16 years plus is simply not the absolute temperature but the diurnal variation which should not be MORE than 1 degree celsius and IDEALLY not more than 0.5 degree celcius.

Slower SEASONAL variations are not as critical. I cellar red Burgundy AT 16 DEGREES CELSIUS UNDERGROUND IN MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA AND HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM. I normally don't drink red burgundies(village in good years and premier crus in all years from good producers) BEFORE 10-15 YEARS AND HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM.

BECAUSE IT IS AUSTRALIA the minimum temperature never gets below 14 degrees celsius. The cellar humidity should ideally be above 70% humidity so the corks don't dry out to lose their elasticity.This is also very important.

The NEW WORLD CABS and SHIRAZES from Australia are more hardy and in my experience don't need such precise cellaring.
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Re: A Bottle of Wine the Ideal Temperature

Postby jamescbrown » Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:34 am

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Re: A Bottle of Wine the Ideal Temperature

Postby dan1987 » Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:12 am

Thanks for sharing this info.
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