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Re: Lyle Fass – Word on the Street - 3-12-09; Wine Lists

Postby Lyle Fass » Thu Jun 04, 2009 1:23 pm

guitarguy wrote:I have a couple of nearly firm and fast rules for restaurant wine.

1. If the restaurant will allow me to bring in wine for no more than $25 corkage, better even at $10 or $15, it deserves my patronage. I will eat better, generating more food profit for these establishments.
2. I always tip as though I had bought the bottle at the restaurant. I also offer the manager and server a taste of the wine. Both will remember you and over time, you may find an occasional "omission" of your corkage fee on your bill. This has happened mostly when the owner was the manager and they usually get a full glass of my wine when I bring it, if they want it.
3. I would never bring a common wine and never something the establishment already has. TACKY.
4. I often buy off the list, maybe bring wine one time, buy off the list the next, to support the restauranteur.
5. At any rate, I will not pay more than twice retail for a wine, assuming I have a good idea of the retail price of what I am buying. I am sure I have paid more, but at the time, I did not know any better. Restaurants limiting mark-ups to about that earn my patronage.

All good rules and exactly the way I do it. Almost eerily.
Lyle Fass
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Re: Lyle Fass – Word on the Street - 3-12-09; Wine Lists

Postby jophly » Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:56 pm

This is a decent wine and good quaff, but nothing more than that. Could be richer in a vintage in 2007. I would not want to drink it, but it serves a purpose. Can't beat the price...

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